Oil & Gas Industry

One of the most critical data in the oil and gas industry is to know the exact location of oil and gas pipes. The pipe’s depth and the direction of the pipe are also critical in many cases, especially during drilling.Access points with long distances from each other, type and quality of the pipe insulation, a large number of pipes, non-metallic parts in the connections of pipes, and non-metallic pipes create many problems in the detection of oil and gas facilities.

Our Solutions

Using the multi-frequency pipe & cable locators can be a good help in the detection industry. High frequencies are useful for induction mode, and low frequencies are useful for areas with many pipes. By using the high-power transmitter, you would have complete coverage at depths and path length. MRT-700 equipped with a smart compass sensor, 2D display, 10 Watts high power transmitter, several frequencies, and the ability to determine the continuous depth is the best offer of High Sense Solutions Inc. for Oil & Gas industry.

  • Multi-Frequency
  • High Power Transmitter
  • Continuous Depth Measuring
  • Passive, Active, Radio detection Mode
  • Multi-Sensor, Compass Sensor, 2D Display
  • Smart with Professional Smartphones APP