Telecom Industry

The telecommunications industry in inter-city, urban, industrial environments need information about the location of buried cables and optical fibers and their burial depth. Also, one of the challenges of this industry is in the process of network development and maintenance. The passage of pipes and cables of other installations through telecommunication cables creates several problems that show the importance of detecting and identifying installations. This information can speed up the implementation of network development and also reduce maintenance time and cost.

Our Solutions

Electromagnetic pipe and cable locator with high power and multi-frequency transmitter can energize underground cables, and fiber optic shields then detect them with a receiver.MRT-700 is a powerful and accurate EM line tracer with 7 sensors and a 2D display. MRT-700 has direct, induction, and clamp mode and equipped with GPS and professional GridGIS map creator APP.

  • Multi-Frequency
  • High Power Transmitter
  • Continuous Depth Measuring
  • Passive, Active, Radio detection Mode
  • Multi-Sensor, Compass Sensor, 2D Display
  • Smart with Professional Smartphones APP