Water & Sewer Industry

The water industry is one of the large and complex industries in the field of supply, transmission, distribution, and consumption. NRW (Non-Revenue Water) is one of the most critical factors in this industry, and many techniques are used to reduce it. Water leakage in transmission lines, main lines, distribution networks, branches, valve, and meters is one of the biggest problems in this industry and creates high costs for companies annually. In industrial areas, leaks in cooling water lines, fire-fighting water lines, etc., cause significant damage and crises. The importance of water, leak control, accident prevention, and water consumption management is increasing every day and has become one of all countries’ concerns.

Our Solutions

According to data collected and global research, most leaks occur in branches and connections. Many real water losses can be easily detected with acoustic technology. Improper operation of water meters also plays a large role in the apparent water losses.

  • Acoustic water leak detectors with a wide frequency range
  • Smart solutions to leak pinpointing
  • Professional smartphones APP and software for water leakage analyzing and monitoring

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