High Sense Solutions Inc. as a Knowledge based company is a manufacturer of underground detection systems and Utility Instrumentation with innovative and professional products especially for Gas & Oil, water and wastewater, power, telecommunication and refineries, power plants and wide range of other industries.

High Sense Solutions Inc. is recognized worldwide as an innovative manufacturer of underground detection systems and utility instrumentation and software. High Sense Solutions Inc. was formed in 2014 to commercialize the smart acoustic water leak detection technology, technology initially developed for NRW (Non-revenue Water) reduction applications. The pioneering PERIJA® Series systems represented a major shift from conventional water Leak detector at the time and opened opportunities for acoustic detection in a wide variety of areas not previously deemed practical. Now PERIJA PLUS®, PERIJA Mini VPRO®, PERIJA Mini VPICK-UP systems remain the product of choice for water leak detection operators working at the cutting-edge of developments.


High Sense Solutions Inc. is a growing company with customers all over the world. With offices in Canada, UAE, Turkey and a network of dealers around the world, High Sense Solutions Inc. is well-positioned to serve our existing customers while simultaneously cultivating new markets.

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Unit 23, 35 West Pearce St., Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 3A9, Canada



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