Privacy Policy for HSS-APP Water Meter Test Kit

Application Privacy Policy: Your Data, Our Commitment.

 Concerning users’ privacy, High Sense Solutions Inc. is committed to protecting the information collected from its users that they have provided to them as their personal information. The collection and processing of personal data are an unavoidable part of processes based on mobile phones and the Internet. It is necessary to read this document entitled “Privacy Policy” to be fully aware of the High Sense Solutions Inc.’s policy and performance about collecting and processing information.

About the application

The above Android application was developed and published by High Sense Solutions Inc., a manufacturer of underground detectors and utility instrument tools. This application, which is available for free on the company’s official website and the sites providing applications, is designed and presented to document, report, and increase productivity in the implementation of detection and installation projects. The company’s applications can sometimes communicate with some of the company’s hardware products to transfer information. Measurements and reports provided by the user must be reviewed and approved before use. the data and calculations are not the responsibility of this application, and the user is responsible for the documentation and reports.

Changes to the Privacy Document

This document has been compiled and updated based on Canada’s e-commerce laws and current international laws as of March 2020, Users will be notified of any modifications and updates through the communication portals or the application itself. This document is always available in the application.

Program policies and third party sites

Your choice application directly allows you to use the messaging applications on your mobile phone or tablet or provides access to websites. Therefore, before using other applications and websites, please read the privacy rules of these applications and programs, as they may use your personal information, and High Sense Solutions Inc. will not be responsible for it.

What is the information collected by this application?

All information about activities, projects, and documents is in the memory of the customer, and the user’s mobile phone and tablet, and High Sense Solutions Inc. has no access to that information. This application collects information such as name, surname, mobile phone number, and e-mail address if the user is satisfied and wishes to register in the relevant form. The user cannot provide the above personal information to this application and the company or use the services of this company extensively by registering. This application may also use cookies to match the information and advertisements of its products and services to its users’ preferences and interests. The user can disable cookies through the browsers he uses.

What personal information is used?

All information about activities, projects, and documents is stored in the user’s mobile phone or tablet’s memory, and High Sense Solutions Inc. has no access to that information. The company only has the name, contact number, and email address of its customers to register them in its customers’ club or register them in the specialized training and entrepreneurship center at or send information, updates, news, advertisements, and membership in communication channels in the company’s cyberspace and related activities.


 Who is given personal information?

High Sense Solutions Inc., to comply with the current laws of the country, may, upon the request of legal or natural persons or with an order from judicial authorities, provide information on the name, telephone number, and email address of the user. Only the available data of its users will be provided to judicial authorities. Additionally, companies or third parties affiliated with the company can use the information as outlined in this document for advertising, customer surveys, reviewing application usage, news, questions and answers, competitions, and information processing.


Information security

No activity information, project implementation information, or financial information is received from users through this application. This application is entirely offline. The data is stored on the customer`s hardware. Concerning individuals` privacy, High Sense Solutions Inc. has ensured that no other individuals, including the company itself, can access the data with the utmost security. Users should take security measures when transferring data and reports through different applications. User information may be disclosed to other natural or legal persons without the company`s knowledge and discretion through browsers or online capabilities. In case of loss or theft of your mobile phone number, please inform High Sense Solutions Inc. using the following communication channels:

Phone:(+1) 905 597 2341 – (+1) 647 588 6020