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When used with the vLoc series receivers, the VMMap Utility Mapping app records data from the field which is instantly available online or can be shared by using the email function in the app to send .kml or .csv files. Field technicians using a vLoc series receiver can capture and store to the cloud depth readings, GPS coordinates, distance between locates and more.

The image capture feature in the app allows the user to attach a JPEG format image to the surveys. This is useful to add points of interest or a snapshot of the completed survey. Access the image files and all the data captured in the app in the web portal or email it from within the app. The data is compatible with Google Maps, Asset Management and GIS software. The VMMap app generates maps in real-time giving confidence to the field technician that the data being collected is accurate. Location data is obtained from the mobile phone, the locators GPS or an external GPS device of your choice.


  • Uses both Google and Apple Maps
  • Low and high GPS accuracy settings
  • Plug-and-play Bluetooth pairing to receivers
  • Export to a .kml file for use with popular GIS programs
  • Compatible with Google Maps, Asset Management and GIS software
  • Show multiple utilities on one map with color coded utility drop pins


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