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Brand: MERYTRONIC gorlan team
Made in: SPAIN

The ARIADNA CI is an advanced digital tool, with a simple and effective usage procedure. It enables electrical cables to be identified, energised or not, between a set of conductors in places such as: manholes, ditches, enclosures, etc.

ARIADNA CI Cable Identifiers Main Features

energized MV cables
energized LV cables
de-energized MV and LV cables

Works with:
Single phase conductors (shielded or unshielded)
Three phase or 3 phase + neutral conductor
Signal injection by:

Direct connection to cables o Signal induction through toroidal clamp (optional)

  • Detects active signal’s Amplitude and Polarity
  • Maximum cable length > 10km (direct connection)
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery on transmitter (CI-TX):
  • >24h at level 2 (up to 4) of transmission power

ARIADNA CI MV & LV Cable Identifiers

In electrical maintenance works, in order to cope with safety standards, it becomes necessary to identify de-energized cables

unambiguously prior to its manipulation.

Cutting the wrong cable may result in the following consequences:

  • personnel live threat
  • power supply failure


ARIADNA CI cable identifier is an advanced, yet simple to operate, digital tool.

It helps users to easily identify de-energized and energized MV&LV cables electrical

cables among multiple conductors, in trenches, manholes, panels, aerial/underground conversions, etc.


MRT-700 complies with security standard IEC61000-6-2 / 61000-6-4 / 61010-1 CATIV

Energized MV cable identification
It works by sinking energy from a live network, by connecting a load at the LV side of an MV/LV transformer, and detecting the current that is produced at the MV side of the transformer.
The CI-TX unit acts as the signal transmitter that sinks energy from the electric grid, producing coded current pulses, and the CI-RX unit as the digitally tuned receiver that detects them.



Energized LV cable identification
In a similar way to MV live cable identification, it is possible to identify LV energized cables by sinking current from the network.
CI-TX transmitter is connected at the end side of the LV cable to be identified. When turned on, it starts to sink current pulses from the network, and these pulses flow from the point of injection to the LV transformer that feeds it.
With the CI-RX unit it is possible to identify LV cable path in any accessible places, like manholes, busbars, etc.

De-energized MV & LV cable identification
Through polarized frequency signal injection and detection, it is possible to positively identify de-energized cables.
Unlike live cable identification, the needed energy for generating identification signals come from CI-TX’s rechargeable li-ion
battery, instead of coming from the grid.
Two ways are available for injecting signals on cables, through direct connection or by using a toroidal inductive clamp.
Afterwards cables are identified by measuring produced signal’s amplitude and polarity.


Product Application:

  • Energized MV cable identification
  • Energized LV cable identification
  • De-energized MV & LV cable identification

Ariadna CI detects medium and low-voltage cables (energized or de-energized) and complies with the following safety standards:

Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-2.
Electrical safety: EN 61010-1 CAT IV 300V.
Protection against electric shock. Class II.

Standard Equipment:

  • CI-TX signal transmission unit.
  • CI-RX digital signal detector.
  • Two cables with alligator clips for direct connection of the transmitter unit.
  • Signal injection induction clamp.
  • Rogowski coil.
  • U-shaped sensor.
  • CI-TX AC/DC power adapter for battery charging.
  • Car charger CI-TX.
  • User Manual.
  • Carrying case.

The contents are subject to change without prior notice.


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