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Ultraportable live network LV cable identifier
Brand: MERYTRONIC gorlan team
Made in: SPAIN

The IC1G Cable Identification Equipment, consists of a transmitter, IC1G-TX, and a receiver, IC1G-RX. Equipment operation is simple: once the transmitter has been connected to an accessible point of the network, the receiver can be used to identify the cable at any location, from the supply point to the MV/LV transformer.

ARIADNA IC1G Main Features

  • Positive cable identification without de-energizing the line.
  • Works on LV distribution cables up to 250 Vac (50 or 60 HZ networks).
  • Two different sensors:

Sensor Ring: Identifies cables by placing a sensor ring around the cable (single core cables).

“U” sensor: Identifies conductors by touching the cable (single and multi core cables).

  • The identification algorithm works continuously, and positive identification is achieved in seconds.
  • Easy to use due to automatic synchronization between transmitter and receiver.
  • The graphic display shows voltage at signal injection point (TX), current (RX), received signal polarity (RX) and battery information (TX and RX).

ARIADNA IC1G Ultraportable live network LV cable identifier

Electric utilities and their contractors need to identify live electric cables under certain circumstances: when opening a trench, making branch circuits, before and after distribution network maintenance duties, etc.
This identification has to be quick and unambiguous due to possible consequences that could result when choosing the wrong cable (life threat, network failure, etc.).
Ariadna Instruments has developed the IC1G, an ultraportable Cable Identifier which is used in LV distribution cables for positive cable identification.




The IC1G Cable Identifier consists of a transmitter (IC1G-TX) and a receiver (IC1G-RX).

This equipment is easy to use: the transmitter (TX) is connected to an LV distribution cable and the receiver (RX) is used to identify or locate that cable upstream, towards the MV/LV transformer.






Product Application:

live network LV cable identifier
Ariadna IC1G is compliant with EU Low Voltage Directive 72/23/CEE and EN 61010-1 (Safety requirements for electronic equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use)


Power cable identification and location solutions


Standard Equipment:

  • IC1G-TX signal transmission unit
  • IC1G-RX digital signal detection unit with sleeve.
  • Red cable + fused connection lead + alligator clamp.
  • Blue cable + connection lead + alligator clamp.
  • Flexible sensor ring.
  • U-shaped sensor.
  • 8×1.5V AA batteries.
  • Fuse box.
  • User’s manual.
  • Soft carrying bag.


  • § “T” sensor for the location of the cable route.

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