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Explosion Proof Hazardous Area Gas Detector
Brand: WatchGas Detection
Made in: Netherlands

The XDI Gas Sensor is capable of utilizing a wide range of sensor cell types offering an unmatched number of configurations allowing for a simple stand-alone 4~20mA transmitter or a CAN bus address system enabling networking of up to 64 process sensors with a local diagnostics port which allows interrogation using a PC, network sensors may also provide individual independent 4~20mA outputs.

XDIwin Main Features

A sensor network when connected to a WatchGas Combi alarm panel may be addressed and checked for alarm conditions and general sensor status providing a wide range of options for controls and indications.

General Specifications

Weight 1.6kg
Temperature -15°C to +55°C - safe area use
For hazardous area use see temperature ranges on C1227 (Ex certification summary)
Humidity 5 to 95% RH (Non-condensing)
Alarm Signal Visual: 2 line alpha numeric back lit status display: gas type, concentrating units, alarm levels, alarm status, low/high/over range), sensor ID, inhibit
Alarm - Red LED
Fault - Amber LED (flashing when in inhibit)
Housing & Material Copper free aluminium alloy, optional stainless steel
Finish: Chemical resistant epoxy paint
Optional - Marine grade finish
Sensor material - Stainless Steel 316516
Data Log Intervals - variable time
Roll over/stop
Storage - 2,880 readings
Power Supply  18 to 35vDC 24v nominal
Outputs • 3 wire 4~20mA / 4 wire CANbus
• Relays
• Low alarm S.P.C.O.
• High alarm S.P.C.O.
• Fault alarm S.P.C.O.
• Rating 0.5A @30vDC
• Inhibit option during servicing
Cable Entry 2 x M20 - 1.5 pitch - alternative 25mm - 3/4 NPT
IP Rating IP64 + water shield IP65 with hydrophobic screen IP66
Safety Certification  Explosion proof ATEX IECEx
II 2G Ex db IIC T6...T4 Gb
II 2D Ex tb IIIC T85°C... T135°C Db
Sensor Type Infra Red, Electrochemical, Catalytic, Semiconductor, PID
Gas Type / Range Flammable gases - LEL / %vol
Toxic gases - ppm/ppb
Oxygen %vol
Accessoiries 003-010 Collector Cone & Universal Fitting
003-020 Universal fitting (Test Gas Applicator/Spray Deflector)
003-035 Water Shield - stainless steel
008-311 Flow Block - nylatron
008-311 Flow Block - stainless steel
003-090 Duct Mount Kit
003-083 Detector Head Weather Shield
003-130 F1 Sensor Thermal Jacket


Available Models

  • XDIwin-F1
  • XDIwin-F6
  • XDIwin-PID
  • Red Line Prime – XDIwin-F1
  • Red Line Prime – XDIwin-F1 - CO2

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