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Explosion proof acoustic imager Camera
Brand: High Sense Solutions Inc.
Made in: Canada

As a professional detection equipment of acoustic imaging technology, the HSS-SENSE X4000 EX upgraded explosion-proof acoustic imager is very suitable for places with combustible and explosive gases such as petroleum, chemical industry, oil depot, tank farm, coal mine, steel, etc. It helps the detection personnel to conduct problem troubleshooting and routine Preventive maintenance safely and quickly 10 times faster than traditional methods. It is a new generation of leakage detection experts.

HSS-SENSE X4000 EX Main Features


  • very suitable for places with combustible and explosive gases such as petroleum
  • Functions (Gas leak localization, vibration localization)
  • 128 MEMS microphones
  • More flexible single-handed operation
  • 2X zoom function, see more clearly the detection of abnormal areas
  • Display real-time gas leak positions and abnormal vibration positions
  • Intelligent software, automatically determines leak intensity and vibration intensity based on device type
  • 2kHz to 65kHz test frequency, covers sound signals and ultrasonic signals
  • 0.3m-130m test range, meets various sites
  • With Photo and video functions, record abnormal points at any time

Why does the acoustic imaging inspection necessary in the chemical industry?

HSS-SENSE X4000 EXThe chemical industry is one of the crucial industries for national raw material production, the equipment within chemical plant is extremely complex, and as the operation time of equipment increase, transport pipelines, valves and other equipment gradually ageing. That is easy to lead to abnormal leaks and vibrations, which can cause production process problems, affect product quality or even cause security risk if the investigation not timely.

Why can the acoustic imaging camera effectively detect various equipment in the chemical industry?

The acoustic imaging camera can detect the many condition of the tested equipment, including partial discharges of electrical equipment, gas leaks of pipeline equipment and abnormal vibrations. Entire process is visualized positioning no room to leave out detection. Additionally, the detection without contact, immune to electromagnetic and equipment vibration interference. Support multi-point sound source identification, improve the speed and efficiency.

How to determine whether there are abnormal defects in the tested equipment?

HSS-SENSE X4000 EXThe normal gas pipelines and related valves are with good sealing performance and usually do not have gas leakage points, in the acoustic imaging camera will not see the signal gathering points generated by obvious gas leakage. However, if there are obvious gas leakage signal gathering points in the whole group of pipelines and valves in the detection process, it indicates that there are abnormal leakage points at the pipelines and valves, which should be repaired according to the actual production situation. If there are multiple abnormal points, it is a serious defect and needs to be stopped and repaired as soon as possible to replace the damaged pipes and valves.

Precautions for using acoustic imager for detection

  • Pay attention to avoid excessive external noise interference during detection to prevent positioning deviation
  • Open the multi-point positioning mode of the acoustic imager to prevent missing abnormal positioning points
  • When testing the site, pay attention to safety measures and maintain a safe distance

Usual methods for detecting gas leaks and abnormal vibrations

HSS-SENSE X4000 EXLeakage: Generally, use soapy water

Vibration: contact vibrometer

What are the problems with these usual methods?

Soapy water can only confirm the leakage of a small number of suspicious points but can not be investigated in a large area; The contact vibrometer cannot accurately locate the abnormal vibration position.HSS-SENSE X4000 EX

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