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Acoustic Image Camera
Brand: High Sense Solutions Inc.
Made in: Canada

The HSS-SENSE X4000 acoustic imager uses multi-channel Microphone array and high-definition camera to collect audio data in the picture in real time, uses beam forming technology to locate and analyze sound sources to obtain sound source location distribution data, and then fuses the sound source location distribution data with the video picture to generate a color sound image cloud image. Finally, the sound source dynamic is displayed on the display screen, which can locate and image steady, transient and moving sound sources in real time. The pioneering screen scanning algorithm enables automatic frequency selection, simplifies device operation, and enables quick hands-on operations.

HSS-SENSE X4000 Main Features


  • Functions (Power Grid, Mechanical Vibration, Gas Leakage)
  • 128 MEMS microphones
  • Locating defects (electrical. vibration, leakage)
  • One-handed operation for flexibility
  • 8-megapixel HD camera clearly shows defects
  • Real-time display of the discharge level on screen
  • Automatic determination of the type and severity of PD according to tested equipment
  • Testing frequencies from 2kHz-65kHz
  • Testing range from 0.3 m-130 m
  • Photos and videos for recording abnormal spots

HSS-SENSE X4000Real time visualization of partial discharge

Real time detection of partial discharge signals generated by equipment and conversion of the signals into visual images, intuitively reflecting the health status of the equipment.

Partial discharge type judgment

By collecting partial discharge signals and analyzing them through various algorithms, the type of partial discharge can be determined

HSS-SENSE X4000Traceability of testing site

Record the detection results one-to-one with photos, videos, and other information from the actual detection site. Users can quickly and accurately locate the fault source through the sound and image information saved on the device, and can replay the saved records at any time, facilitating subsequent analysis and processing by users.

Assist in generating detection reports

The auxiliary detection report generation function of the S860 acoustic imaging instrument can help users quickly and accurately generate a complete detection report, improving their work efficiency and the credibility of detection results



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