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Plastic Water Pipe Locator + Water Leak Detector
Brand: High Sense Solutions Inc.
Made in: Canada

The LT-Sonic® is a smart and effective instrument for locating and tracing water-buried pipes, especially for PE, PVC, concrete, and/or even metallic pipes. Also, the LT-Sonic® is a smart water leak detector that pinpoints the exact point of water leakage. Save your time, locate, and trace subsurface water pipes and detect leakage on them, fast and easily with one device.

Based on Acoustic Technology

The LT-Sonic® is equipped with Professional Android app.

LT-Sonic Main Features

  • One Equipment for Two Application
  • Plastic Water Pipe Location Mode (Mapping & Pin-pointing of water Pipe Location)
  • Water Leak Detection Mode (NRW Reduction Equipment)
  • Rugged and Powerful Pulse Generator and Supper Sensitive Acoustic Receiver
  • Best Operation for Plastic and Metallic Water Pipe (PE, PVC…)
  • Sensitive Piezo Electric sensor (Suitable for Surveying and Pinpointing also valve and meter soundcheck)
  • Wide frequency range to Prepare the Pure and Clear Sound
  • Automatic Water Leakage Judgment Mode
  • Leak noise level recording function
  • Internal Bluetooth to communicate data with Android-based smartphones and tablets.
  • LT-Sonic APP (for device operation display, documenting, analyzing, and reporting)
  • Equipped with Rechargeable Li-Pol Battery

LT-Sonic Receiver

The LT-Sonic is equipped with two main parts. A pulse generator as a Transmitter which is fitting to a fire hydrant, water meter base, or tap, and the hand-held receiver as a geophone to trace buried pipe away from the pulse generator.

The pulse generator is activated with external 6 to 12VDC. The pulse generator applies an adjustable wave signal along the pipe that is locatable by the sensitive piezo-electric sensor in the receiver.

The Generated acoustic signal is heard in the headphones. Also, if you use LT-Sonic APP, then the location is shown on the map which is adjustable.


LT-Sonic Pulse Generator

The LT-Sonic™ receiver has two modes for operation:

Mode A (Water Pipe Locating Mode):

In special frequency bandwidth, the receiver detects pipe vibration when the pulse generator is working. The loudest sound would be detected on the pipe’s center. So, the operator can identify the location of the buried water pipe and trace its route. In this mode, operator can use the tracing mode ground plate for asphalt, paving, or concrete.

Mode B (Water Leak Detection Mode):

In wide range frequency bandwidth, the receiver can detect water leakage sound, amplify, and filter it. The operator can use bandpass filters to reduce or block the environmental noises and find the leakage, or ALJ (Automatic Leak Judgement) Mode and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to identify and pinpoint the water leakage.

The LT-Sonic™ is equipped with aviation headphones for reducing environmental noises to make the best water pipe tracing and water leak detection experience.


Product Application:

  • Professional Plastic Water Pipe Locator
  • Professional Acoustic Water Leak Detection
  • Valve Leak Detection and Sound Check
  • Pinpointing of Water Pipe Location and water leakage
  • Water Meter Leak Detection and Sound Check

Water Leak Surveying on metal and plastic pipes like PVC and PE.

Standard Equipment:

  • LT-Sonic Pulse Generator (1)
  • Car Cigarette Litter adapter with 5m cable (1)
  • LT-Sonic Receiver with Piezo-Electric Pick-Up Sensor (1)
  • Aviation Stereo Headphone (1)
  • USB A to USB A Cable (Receiver battery charger cable) (1)
  • Contact Rod 3 x 30 Cm with Plate (1)
  • Hard Caring Case
  • Air-cell shoulder strap
  • 20 Cm hose damper.
  • ½” Ball Valve
  • Brass Y Strainer Filter
  • Hexagon nipple ½”
  • Hose pipe connector
  • 1/2" female elbow 45°

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