Underground Pipe & Cable Locator

To determine the exact location, depth, branches, bends, and caps, ... of the buried pipes and cables, High Sense Solutions Inc. has provided accurate and reliable underground pipe and cable locators. For sure you can find professional underground line tracers in variable frequencies and suitable powers for various applications in distribution and transmission lines of the gas, oil, water, power cables, and telecommunication industries. High Sense Solutions Inc. also offers an innovative and practical smartphone application, "HSS Utility Path Logger APP" which is an efficient, creative tool for logging the location data, network information, pictures, and comments... to create and export the CSV, PDF, KML, KMZ files to AutoCAD, GIS Software, Google Map and Google Earth. HSS Utility Path Logger APP is compatible with any pipe and cable locators.

GridGIS Map Creator

GridGIS Map Creator app allows to map with GPS aerial/underground MV and LV electrical networks with different assets (Secondary Substations, feeder paths, manholes, etc.) directly on

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MRT-700 Professional and Smart Underground Cable and Pipe Locator maps quickly, easily, and accurately energized and deenergized MV and LV distribution networks. MRT-700 specially designed

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